Pipette Master LLC Services

We understand that in some industries and applications, sending out your pipettes for calibration is not always feasible. In these cases, we bring the same high level services as our mail-in calibration program to your site offering on-site as well as off-site calibration services. Utilizing the same pipette specific balances with granite vibration-reducing equipment, you can be assured of top level accuracy with the convenience of on-site calibration services. Full services are included such as preventive maintenance and repair on all brands including full electronic documentation and on-line asset management.

Levels of Services to choose from:

Basic Service: $18 or $16/Single Channel (Price depends on number of pipettes serviced)

  • Pipette inspected and thoroughly cleaned. Gilson pipettes are cleaned using an ultra-sonic method, seal/o-ring replaced or lubricated, repairs performed and calibrated. Leak proof test performed. Smudge proof label affixed to the pipette, with all formation and work order report generated. One year warranty on all pipette calibrations.

Premium Service including calibration certificate: $30/Single Channel

  • Pipette includes the basic service level of inspection, cleaning, repair, calibration and includes calibration certificate of 4 samples at low, high. One year warranty on all pipette calibrations.